Wild Old West Entertainment Services

Sierra Nevada Guns for Hire is a Wild West reenactment entertainment group recreating the captivation of the Old West with our authentic clothing, weapons and props. We know how to make any event an event to remember with dedication to preserving the appeal of the Old West and entertaining you, while having a whole lot of fun!

We can provide gunfights, light comedy, drama and thrills. We can meet and greet your guests to give your special event that authentic Old West feel.

If you are planning a special event, The Sierra Nevada Guns for Hire can be there to disrupt your party with wild and wackiness that your guests are sure to enjoy and get a kick! Call us if you want to add spice to your event or simply to add some color.

Sierra Nevada Guns for Hire Old West reenactment entertainers are available to hire for the following shows:

  • Community, State, County Fairs

    • Birthday, Public, Private and Themed Parties

      • Fundraisers

        • Parades

          • Theme Parks

            • Grand Openings

              • Reunions

                • Weddings

                  • Corporate Events

                    • Town Heritage Festivals

                      • and much more...