Kathy O'Donnell (aka Rambling Rose) eccentric saddle tramp from the Nations with a little bit of Calamity Jane Syndrome, began performing with Sierra Nevada Guns For Hire in December 2011 after being asked to be a stand-in for a promo video shoot for the group; she was hooked from that moment.

She won her first award at the Gathering of the Gun Fighters in Yuma, Arizona January 14, 2012 Costume Contest for the Lady Specialty category and just about past out by the time she got in front of the judges from fright. She has advanced from just a stand-in soiled dove to supporting reenactor rolls. This is her first time to dive head first into something so public.


Kathy designed and currently maintains the Sierra Nevada Guns for Hire website. She also is the group graphic designer, treasurer, event coordinator and marketing.

It's a joy and pleasure knowing and working with everyone in the Sierra Nevada Guns for Hire Old West Reenactment Group.