Cast of Wild Old West Characters

Meet the bad, the ugly and the eccentric...our award winning cast of characters belonging to Sierra Nevada Guns for Hire an old west reenactment group, perform historical and comedy skits while dressing the part in our historical costumes and setting the stage with period props.

We portray fictional and non-fictional characters that appeared on the old western frontier from 1865-1890 with performances such as crooked card games, rigged craps, jubilant piano players, whiskey drinking, high noon showdown, back stabbing, high stepping dance, flamboyant girls to name a few.

Sierra Nevada Guns for Hire an old west reenactment group will come to your community and you can expect fast action, high drama and a glimpse into the Wild Old West. Specializing in the portrayal of historical & fictional characters, we bring a level of accuracy and realism to our performances that are rarely found today.

Bring history alive in your community, boosting interest and attendance in your next event with an Old West reenactment group presenting local history and stories.

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