Wild West Comedy and Reenactment Troupe

Sierra Nevada Guns for Hire is an Old West reenactment group from Amador County and Calaveras County in Northern California specializing in performing historic comedy in the Spirit of the Wild Old West.

Imagine your event coming to life with authentic old west gunfighters, old west cowboys, scoundrels, law dawgs, cowhands, outlaws, bull whackers, townsfolk, old west, vintage music, saloon girls, and other eccentric characters that bring images from the Old Wild West to your next event. Our Old West reenactments include gunfights, shootouts, bar fights, and much more. Imagine old west characters wondering the streets of your frontier camp or community.

Angels Camp Gold Rush Day
Kyle Travels Back in Time Shootout
Mariposa Go West Festival
Bumbling Cowboys Rehearsal
Kyle Travels Back in Time
Gathering of the Gunfighters
49er Festival
49er Festival
Preston Castle
Cancer Fundraiser