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Sierra Nevada Guns for Hire

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"bring your imagination"


Old West Entertainment


Links below take you to our facebook page and youtube videos of Sierra Nevada Guns for Hire an authentic old west reenactment group, western reenactment, cowboy reenactors, gunslinger reenactment:

Groveland 49er Festival - video

Sutter Physician Services Corporate Event - photos

Asparagus Festival - photos

Kyle Travels Back in Time - Comcast Ch 8 Kids program

Lazarex Cancer Foundation fundraiser - Give Cancer the Boot images (August 2014)


Woodland Train

Jewish Holiday Event

One Hell of a Timepiece Video by Sierra Nevada Guns for Hire still images (April)

Student film "Whiskey", casting Ponch as Outlaw and Two Dogs as Sheriff from Sierra Nevada Guns for Hire with supporting roles from Missouri Bandits (November)

Heartstoppers Haunted House, Rancho Cordova, CA (10.26.12)

Pumpkin Patch, Burson, CA (10.13.12)

Heartstoppers Haunted House, Rancho Cordova, CA, (10.12.12)

TSPN Channel 5 Interview (October)

Chamber of Commerce mixer at the National Hotel (10.10.12)

Angels Camp Centennial Celebration pictures, Angels Camp, CA, Sept 2012

Tales of the Frontier "Ghosts" episode, Saggy B Ranch, Hesperia, CA Sept 2012

Gold Rush Days pictures, Old Town Sacramento, CA

Hurst Ranch pictures, Jamestown, CA

Tales of the Frontier Series Episode "Redemption", Lazy Lizard Ranch, Lucern, CA August 2012

4th of July Baseball Game pictures, Stockton, CA 2012

Volcano Parade pictures, Volcano, CA 2012

Cattle Auction picture, Turlock, CA 2012

Sacramento Train Robbery pictures, West Sacramento, CA 2012

Movie pictures "What Have I Done" by Bob Buhrl; Landers, CA March 2012

Gathering of the Gunfighters, Yuma, AZ 2012

The Good Book performance at the Gathering of the Gunfighters, Yuma, AZ Video 2012

CBS Morning Show 2012 Video (note: begins after commercial)

Gathering of the Gunfighters Wardrobe Contest 2012 Video











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